In IVICO our aim is to provide a number of services to assisted reproduction units worldwide on theoretical knowledge, training, and business/lab consultancy. We work to give answer to all your needs in IVF and for share all our know-how to achive all your goals.


Theoretical or practical lessons covering the most relevant knowledge in andrology, embryology, and reproductive genetics for both, established professionals aiming to be updated in the most cutting-edge knowledge in assisted reproduction, and also beginners aiming to have a strong theoretical background previous to the initiation of their careers as ART professionals.



Hands-on and fully customized training in all the Assisted Reproduction Techniques, including Andrology, IVF, Cryobiology and Preimplantational genetic screening, at IVI facilities, in a real clinical environment, where over 39000 cycles are performed each year.

Tailor-made programs, with different lenght depending on the previous attendee
background, also including the option of short guided visits to IVI centres.


audit & consulting

The main goal of this part is to offer external consultancy services to ART units worldwide in Andrology and Embryology laboratories, by IVI experts: highly specialized professionals with a wide IVF running and setup experience, able to move for a period to the laboratories to be evaluated and consulted.

Troubleshooting, QC&QA, Performance auditing, and IVF labs design are some of the covered areas.