IVI group:
the organization

IVI is a leading medical institute in the field of assisted reproduction, with over 50 clinics in Europe, America and Asia.
With a staff of more than 2,000 healthcare professionals and the very best technology at our disposal, IVI clinics are today the best option for those couples who, for whatever reason, find themselves unable to conceive naturally.
Since opening its first clinic, more than 110.000 children have been born thanks to techniques in assisted reproduction practiced throughout the IVI network.

Where knowledge comes from.

The Valencian Infertility Institute (IVI) was founded in 1990 as the first medical institute in Spain purely dedicated to assisted reproduction. Today it is a world leader both in the scientific community and for all couples unable to have children without assistance.
With more than 50 clinics in 11 countries, IVI has secured its position as a pioneer in internationalising medical professionalism.

As well as being one of the medical groups with the most international awards for scientific advances and publications, IVI has pioneered numerous reproductive methods that have led to events such as the birth of babies who are free of hereditary diseases carried by their parents.

IVI MIssion

IVI mission

We are a team of highly qualified professionals working on a shared project: to provide top level reproductive medicine, encompassing various areas of women’s health and driving research, teaching and professional excellence.

IVI vision

We will be a world leader in the field of reproductive medicine, and will become the group with the strongest presence and the best clinical results. We will be the world’s reference point in quality of care, research and teaching. We will develop our people’s potential and our team spirit as the pillars of our joint project.

IVI Vision
IVI Team

IVI team

Dr. Nicolás Garrido, PhD.
Director, Andrology Laboratory and Sperm Bank, IVI València; Director IVI Foundation Teaching Program

Mr. Carlos Blanes, EQUIPO IVI.
Director, Strategy Planning and information

Dr. Nicolás Prados, PhD.
Director, IVF Laboratory, IVI Sevilla: IVI IVF laboratories Coordinator

Dr. Antonio Requena, MD.
IVI Medical Director