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Training – On site lab-training > Classic IVF and CSI, embryo culture, gradation and selection

The Main goal of this part of the training program is to provide and ensure the users to be proficient in basic IVF techniques, including both conventional IVF and ICSI, beginning with sperm preparation, insemination procedures, assessment of oocyte fertilization, oocyte and embryo handling, followed by embryo culture systems, embryo quality categorization and scoring, embryo selection at the time of transfer, and embryo loading and transference. The endpoint is to release fully prepared professionals to develop these procedures on their own laboratory.

Facilities and equipments:
IVF laboratories from IVI clinics, fully equipped with laminar flow hoods, inverted microscopes, magnifiers, micromanipulators, incubators, centrifuges, etc…

Duration ranges:
Recommended training time ranges depending on the student previous background and expertise, as recommended by the experts committee, from 3 to 12 months. Shorter periods will be evaluated and only accepted for highly skilled professionals.

Procedures to be learnt:
Itemized list of procedures that the attendee will be able to fully conduct when finished.

The capacity of the whole IVI group (51 clinics, and different laboratories in each) can be estimated to be between 30 and 40 trainees per year, including all different clinics, with a mean duration of 6 months/trainee.

Assigned tutors. Certificate of attendance and accomplishment, issued by IVI Docencia, from Instituto Universitario IVI, Universitat de València.

Standard operation procedures

  • IVF lab initiation and setup:
  • Safety guidelines for the IVF laboratory
  • IVF equipment cleaning and maintenance
  • Good practices in the IVF lab
  • Culture media preparation
  • Laboratory setup
  • Hyaluronidase and ICSI dishes preparation
  • Oil preparation
  • IVF procedures:
  • Sperm preparation techniques
  • Sperm motility induction with pentoxifilline
  • Testicular sperm retrieval, search and freezing
  • Follicular aspirations
  • Oocyte search and retrieval
  • Oocyte handling
  • Oocyte grading
  • Decumulation and Oocyte insemination:
    • classic IVF procedure
    • ICSI procedure
  • Oocyte fertilization assessment
  • Embryo grading day 2, day 3, day 5, day 6
  • Embryo loading and transfer
  • Quality control, quality assurance and proficiency testing in IVF laboratory
  • Reports preparation
  • Advanced IVF procedures
  • Coculture (optional)*
  • Assisted hatching (optional)*
  • Fragment removal (optional)*