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Teaching > Educational lectures, courses and Masters Degrees

Theoretical or practical lessons covering the most relevant knowledge in embryology, for both, established professionals aiming to be updated in the most cutting-edge knowledge in assisted reproduction, and also beginners, aiming to have a strong theoretical background previous to the initiation of their careers as ART professionals.

In our teaching program, both in situ (theoretical and/or hands-on) or on-line courses and masters can be found at:

Current situation:
From A-Z in ART laboratories has been already provided by our institution as different courses and Masters degrees, since 1994:
Currently, this program is the product of more than 100 teachers developing these studies, guaranteeing immediate and personal attention. While ready to serve in Spanish, its translation to English will be soon available for many of the courses and Master’s degree.

Written and audiovisual materials, with e-learning technologies employment and assigned tutors, on the online versions. Masters degree, or postgraduate courses title, upon accomplishing the course requirements and exams.