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Audit & consulting > IVI Clinical embryology services

Is defined as an IVI service providing IVI experienced personnel to perform ART lab procedures for ART units worldwide. In this sense, the receiver should have an IVI-approved laboratory (either ‘IVF SET UP & START OFF’ AUDIT, or ‘BASIC QUALITY INSPECTION’ AUDIT).

Depending on the work load and country from 2 to 4 people will form the IVI ARTlab TEAM, including biologists and/or technicians.

Facilities and equipments:
Provided by the clinic.

The Main goal of this program is to facilitate ART units embryology services to conduct IVF treatments without investing in own specialists.

Duration ranges:
Upon agreement, a previous duration extent must be detailed, where all clinical procedures will be conducted.

Not determined yet, since the program will begin with IVI professionals, although this service will be it could be scalable, if requested.