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Facilities and equipments:
Provided by the clinic

The Main goal of this part is to offer external consultancy services to ART units worldwide in Andrology and Embryology laboratories, by IVI experts: highly specialized professionals with a wide IVF running and setup experience, able to move for a period to the laboratories to be evaluated and counselled. Troubleshooting, QC&QA, Performance auditing, and IVF labs design are some of the covered areas.

Duration ranges:
Recommended consultancy time described below.

8-10 IVI experts, at a rate of 4-5 consultancies per year.


We offer four different audits’ modules:


After the embryology training, a senior embryologist (Auditor) makes a follow up visit to check the adaptation of the trainee, also helping and supporting the first IVF series. One week in situ.


Designed for advising a clinic constructed from scratch with our experience (Auditors)

Set up (at distance):

  • a. Lab design
  • b. Construction materials
  • c. Equipment selection

Start off (in situ):
1-2 weeks stay of a senior embryologist to check lab conditions and supervise the first cycles.


It consists in a basic inspection of the IVF lab including:

Lab control

  • Environment
  • Equipment
  • Media and other products

Protocol control

  • Quality of standard procedures
  • Personnel organization

Programme control

  • General indicators (pregnancy, implantation, live birth rates,…)
  • Procedural indicators (fertilization rates, cleavage rates, embryo scores,…)
  • Efficiency indicators (time lags, incident reports,…)

Much of this audit depends on the quality of the clinics. (Quality auditors)
After a 3 day visit and the data analysis a written report is presented to the clinic. Follow up is performed 3, 6 and 12 months after visit.


It is an extension of the previous audit in two more days, where different preventive measures are introduced to help starting a successful total quality management. The different issues are introduced and follow up is revised 3, 6 and 12 months after visit. Quality auditors.

  • a. Risk management (a priori analysis)
  • b. Troubleshooting (a posteriori analysis)
  • c. Staff control and management
  • d. Data management
  • e. Embryo policy
  • f. Accreditation

Auditor: highly experienced andrologist/embryologist with at least 5 years of clinical senior experience.
Quality auditor: highly experienced andrologist/embryologist with total quality management experience.