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Training > On site lab-training

For the whole on site lab training program, the structure describing the products will be:

The Main goal of this part of the training program.

Facilities and equipments:
Description of the places where the training will be conducted.

Duration ranges:
Recommended training time ranges depending on the student previous background and expertise, as recommended by the experts committee.

Procedures to be learnt:
Itemized list of procedures that the attendee will be able to fully conduct when finished.

Definition of the maximum number of affordable trainees per year.

Not included travel grants or accommodation. Expenses per time range.
All procedures have been documented as per ISO 9001 requests, having their accepted SOPs already available in each clinic.  Trainning will be supervised by IVI specialists at each step, and the capacity of the trainees to develop on their own each itemized procedure will be confirmed and afterwards signed by the supervisor, including beginning and accomplishment dates. This will yield a list of procedures and abilities that have been acquired by the student, certified by IVI.