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Training – On site lab-training > PGS1: blastomere biopsy and tubbing

The Main goal of this part of the training program is to provide the trainees with the ability to perform embryo biopsy to obtain single blastomeres to be sent for preimplantational genetic screening procedures (PGS). Also blastomere tubbing for monogenic diseases PGS.

Facilities and equipments:
IVF labs, as described before, with a blastomere fixation room.

Duration ranges:
Recommended training time ranges depending on the student previous background and expertise, as recommended by the experts committee.

Procedures to be learnt:
Itemized list of procedures that the attendee will be able to fully conduct when finished.

Definition of the maximum number of affordable trainees per year. The capacity of the whole IVI group (21 clinics, and different laboratories in each) can be estimated to be between 30 and 40 trainees per year, including all different clinics, with a mean duration of 6 months/trainee.

Assigned tutors. Certificate of attendance and accomplishment, issued by IVI Docencia, from Instituto Universitario IVI, Universidad de Valencia.

Standard operation procedures

  • Safety guidelines for the PGS laboratory
  • Reports preparation
  • IVF-PGS equipment cleaning and maintenance
  • Quality control, quality assurance and proficiency testing in IVF laboratory
  • Culture media preparation
  • Laboratory setup
  • Blastomere biopsy
  • Blastomere fixation